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The Rescue Task Force Program, certified by Maryland Police and Corrections Training Comissions (MPCTC), incorporates Police, Fire, EMS and other first responders into a course that teaches them to work together in mass casualty events.  


RTF is a family of programs created to teach and link all elements of the lifesaving triad.  Our goal is a total force concept that ensures that people know what to do when threatened and overwhelmed by a violent incident.  Working as a team, they will compress the reaction gap to stop the bleeding and get the injured cared for.  The best way to help save lives is to train everyone, from school teachers to Paramedics, in what works with thier level of training.

Upon completion of course, graduates will be able to participate in the DHS Stop The Bleeding Campaign, assisting in training to civilians.  (



RTF Operations focuses on actions first responders can take in conjunction with responding counterparts, to reduce preventable deaths in direct and indirect threat situations such as an active shooter, suicide bomber, or other terrorist driven mass casualty event.  The program will define and expand on the Rescue Task Force concept and assist students in the preparation of creating programs for their individual departments.

During training, students will properly demonstrate:

Tactical: RTF pre-planning, individual and team movement from time of incident through completion. Students will practice these skills during instructor lead scenarios to effectively challenge the students to maximize performance and retention.  

Medical: manual airway management, tourniquet application, wound packing with hemostatic agents, application of chest seals.

Operational: Students will work together with LE, FIRE, EMS and other emergency response elements to complete tasks as separate elements working in unison under a unified command structure to stress the importance of communication and team understanding that will help maximize effectiveness and mitigate injury or loss of life.

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