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AZIMUTH is a mobile user interface that incorporates biometric provider identity verification, and satellite global positioning services; giving healthcare personnel the ability to provide third-party accountability and validation of their services. 


After years of testing, while conducting high-threat protection and disaster response operations throughout the globe, Azimuth was created to assist providers with mobile healthcare.


Azimuth began as a way to coordinate medical staff and patients using geospatial mediums in disasters where regular location services were not available. A cellular phone requires cellular tower connectivity to provide accuracy. If a hurricane or disaster knocks out cellular service, your phone does not work. 

Azimuth has evolved into a platform that provides transparency using geospatial and biometric confirmation, allowing the end user to provide third-party validation for confirmation of services for data management and reimbursement. 

Azimuth Services

  • Satellite (WAAS/GLONASS) location verification

  • Biometric identity confirmation with NPI

  • Treatment timeline logging

  • Geospatial location logging

  • Data log for each patient contact

  • Encrypted data output that can be uploaded into any EHR for permanent record

  • Azimuth validates the accuracy of ground-level input data with reimbursable output data

  • Azimuth provides data queries for our customers requiring quality assurance

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