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Rescue Task Force believes the best preparation for agencies to develop their own local programs and guidelines is through the development of robust local training programs that are sustainable with local instructors.  

RTF will advance our mission of public preparedness through development of NAEMT Certified TCCC Instructors. Instructor candidates are expected to have a foundation in either the TCCC or TECC guidelines and curriculum. We will follow the Education Program Policy of the National Association of EMT's, and thoroughly screen applicants for our instructor development program.  

The 40 hour course will include recertification in TCCC, adult learning theory instruction, and will be completed with delivering a TECC/TCCC course in the region where the instructor development program is located.  We are able to offer this program utilizing our Mobile Training Team, and can offer public safety agencies packaged programs that include instructor development in conjunction with a TECC or TCCC certification course.

Upon successful  completion of the program, instructor candidates will receive certification to teach:

  • B-Con


  • TCCC

  • TECC

Agencies should contact Rescue Task Force for more information on hosting an instructor development program.

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