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The Rescue Task Force Program

The Rescue Task Force (RTF) Program is a community risk mitigation and medical training program that instructs immediate and professional responders to work collectively during extremist driven harmful events. Linking all elements of the lifesaving triad, responders are able to effectively act in response to threats and violent incidents. Working as a team, first responders will stop the bleeding, care for the injured, and save lives. The project is multi-tiered so that students are taught at their skill level and ability.  From Police officers to school teachers, graduates have the knowledge to mitigate risk and save lives.


Upon completion of course, graduates will be able to participate in the DHS Stop The Bleeding Campaign, assisting in training to civilians.  (


Rescue Task Force Operations focuses on the collective actions of first responders to reduce preventable deaths in direct and indirect threat situations including, but not limited to an active shooter, suicide bomber, or other terrorist driven mass casualty event. The program will define and expand on the RTF total force concept and assist students in the preparation of program creation for their individual departments.


Tactical: RTF pre-planning, individual, and team movement from time of incident through completion. Students will practice these skills during instructor lead scenarios to effectively challenge them to maximize performance and retention.  

Medical: Manual airway management, tourniquet application, wound packing with hemostatic agents, and application of chest seals.

Operational: Students will work together with LE, FIRE, EMS, and other emergency responders to complete tasks under a unified command structure to maximize effectiveness and mitigate injury or loss of life.

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