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As we focus on current threats to our community, we should look internally and ask, “Are we prepared?” What has your department done to prepare and how often do they practice what has been taught? The Active Shooter Hostile Event for Law Enforcement Response (ASHER-LE) program  will help your officers ensure preparation with confidence through ability.  ATM is a 8 hour tactical response program that incorporates room entry tactics, range qualifications,  and live fire exercises that will help ensure the officer is physically prepared to address threats.




UNIT 1: Welcome

  • Trainee / Instructor introductions
  • Safety Brief


UNIT 2: Basic Weapons Manipulation

  • Classroom review of nomenclature, weapons breakdown
  • immediate action drills


UNIT 3: Rifle, Live Fire

  • Rifle Zero for optics and irons
  • Weapons qualification timed trial


UNIT 4: Pistol, Life Fire

  • Weapons qualification timed trial


UNIT 5: ATM Stress drills

  • Test & evaluate responder capabilities and limitations


UNIT 6: Basic Room Entry Tactics

  • Single entry and team close quarters weapons use
  • Static and dynamic room entry


UNIT 7: Personnel Recovery and Extraction (PRE)

  • Dynamic, rapid suppression of threat (Hostage Rescue)


UNIT 8: ATM Real World Training Scenarios

  • Police/Fire /EMS  Response Groups
  • Command Response Group
  • COMPLETE scenario exercises / AAR



Location: Client Specific 


Upon purchase, student will be given complete POI download. 


This is a live fire program.


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