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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Leveraging our extensive background in counter-terrorism, gained from years of experience across the globe, we  developed a program that physically and psychologically prepares students to more effectively address high- risk incidents.


The training includes situational awareness and personal security, terrorist mindset and organization, and improvised explosive device (IED) awareness and tactical medicine.


Realistic scenarios help immerse students into a survival mindset, preparing them to properly and confidently respond during actual traumatic events. Those who train under our controlled and scientifically designed stress-inoculating scenarios, leave with the professional, mental, and physical proficiency to protect, and counter threats assisting to deter personal risk. Graduates are awarded recognized certifications in multiple disciplines to add to their training portfolios.

RTF has taught the HEAT course to members of the NGO community with great reviews throughout Africa and Near East Asia.  To date, we have taught mobile HEAT course modules in the following locations:




The HEAT program expands personal awareness of kidnapping and terrorism and enhances individual survivability while working or traveling in semi-permissive environments.

HEAT is taught per client, so dates are not published.  If you would like to host a course or have a group, please click "host a course" tab.

The HEAT program is taught in stand alone modules and in an Online Distance Learning platform. Please contact us for details. 

This Program is taught in English, Spanish, and French.

  • Hatay, Turkey

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Bangui, CAR

  • Bamako, Mali

  • Juba, South Sudan

  • Goma, DRC

  • Amman, Jordan

  • Conakry, Guinea

  • Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Baghdad, Iraq

  • Freetown, Sierra Leone

  • Monrovia, Liberia

  • Yaoundé, Cameroon

  • N’Djamena, Chad

  • Tunis, Tunisia

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