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IPC Training

What's C19 IPC?

IPC is a training platform for non-medical professionals that that will benefit  from understanding Covid-19 and how to limit the transmission of the disease.

What it's not

The CDC has the most up to date material for you to learn from. ALL of the information we are providing is available online, we just put it all in one place to save you some time.

What do you get?

  • Step by step instructions and info so you can spend your time working, not surfing the net for all the stuff you need to learn

  • A test that checks your knowledge that does 2 things:

    1. It lets YOU know that you understand the guidelines ​

    2. Reassures those you work for that you are serious about getting back to work AND helping us all stay safe

  • You receive a certificate showing you understand the current state  and federal safety guidelines to help keep us all a bit safer

  • Course completion info to states that mandate training for workers  

The Process

  1. ​Purchase the testing package when you're ready 

  2. ​Pass the knowledge assessment

  3. Save and distribute your results 

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