TRAINING - Why we stand apart

RTF has identified a critical industry-wide training & preparation deficiency that overlooks the mind's response in stressful events.  Focusing on what we refer to as Primal Reaction Theory, we teach students how to effectively perform critical tasks by preparing the mind through Pre-Incident Stress Management (PRISM).
Through stress inoculation training, the student’s resistance is enhanced by exposure to a stimulus strong enough to arouse defenses and coping processes without being so powerful that it overwhelms the individual. PRISM is based on the notion that exposing students to controlled forms of stress can bolster both coping mechanisms and the individual's confidence performing under duress. 
RTF’s Mobile Training Team (MTT) provides on-site group training at a location designated by your department.  Our group training package instructs Fire, Police, and EMS to work together under stress induced scenarios created by RTF instructors. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess the knowledge of the resources each agency can bring to an incident, how to best deploy these resources, and most importantly, how to work together to save life and mitigate risk.

Benefits to hosting a MTT course:
       •No travel costs for employees attending
       •Training conducted in local environment
       •Local area role players to help build community support
*RTF provides all the medical equipment needed for training.  This includes hands on training with multiple tourniquets from different manufacturers, (CAT, SOF-T, SWAT-T, etc.) and pressure dressings.  We use real bullet cavities for wound packing with active simulated bleeding, which allows you to see the hemostatic reaction.  We provide different options for equipment so YOU can choose how to best equip your kit and IFAK for operational use.  We provide fully stocked IFAKs for training, but encourage students to bring their own for familiarization.